We at Easyspeak Enterprises focus on making a difference in the lives of others, giving hope, and having FUN!!!
— Shareka Bentham, Managing Director & Speech Language Therapist

Our Practice 

EasySpeak Enterprises is a private practice, based in Barbados, which provides assessment and  therapy services to adult and paediatric populations with a range of communication and feeding/swallowing disorders.  In addition to locally provided services the practices offers consultation services to other Caribbean countries, mainly via a telepractice model. 


We are committed to providing best practice for our clients, as well as supporting families and caregivers. Teamwork is essential, and we collaborate with others within the field, as well as related professionals to ensure success. We pride ourselves in staying current with the latest research and technology within the field, and pursue a range of opportunities for professional development, to further build our skill base. 

Our Reach 

We have sought to expand our reach to the global community through the development of Ipad apps for children. We also publish an online magazine for professionals within the field.