EasyConcepts presents a fun new way for children of all ages to improve their knowledge of basic concepts and develop skills in following verbal directions. Watch children learn as they become engaged in three interactive themed games which target concept knowledge, attention and listening, auditory recall and processing abilities.

Animal Sizes takes children on an adventure through the jungle, the rainforest, underwater and on the farm while targeting size concepts and comparisons (biggest and smallest).

Underwater sequencing allows children to discover an underwater world while following sequential directions of increasing complexity. This game has two levels; level 1 targets basic two-step sequential directions (first, next), while level 2 targets basic three-step directions (first, next last). The game also becomes more complex as more underwater creatures are introduced to the scene as distractors.

Before & After Farm takes a trip down to the farmyard to target following basic 2-step temporal directions (before and after).